ADMARC® is a comprehensive advertising order entry and accounts receivable system designed specifically for media companies. With our long-standing industry knowledge and our proven track record of stability and success, Neasi-Weber International continues to be a leader in providing full-featured, secure, flexible, and responsive advertising management tools.


ADMARC® is designed to be responsive to changing markets, different products, and new forms of media. Since you define your business to ADMARC® using our flexible business rule tables, whatever pricing scenarios, account and customer relationship structures, contract/discount plans, billing or payment options you may need, ADMARC® adapts. If your business rules change, ADMARC® changes with you. All of the data in ADMARC® is available for reporting, giving you access to both historical and current information.

In addition to its robust native feature set, ADMARC® also can be integrated with other systems, such as production and ad serving, using our XML-based tool, CAPI. ADMARC® offers flexibility in access methods too—a server-based user interface or secure web access. Since all Neasi-Weber products have strong security features, your data is safe. You have complete control over who has access to what features, screens, functions, menus, fields, and even field values.

ADMARC® Key Features:

  • Supports complex customer/account relationships & structures.
  • Has flexible pricing, so you can determine the cost of virtually any type of ad or campaign, including package buys (e.g. web + print + sponsorship).
  • Allows for installment billing so that you can invoice and recognize revenue on different schedules. 
  • Puts you in control of credit decisions, including credit limit, status, and automatic holds thanks to dynamic & comprehensive credit functionality.  As ads are booked or payments made, credit is automatically updated.
  • Allows you to use a variety of payment options—on account, by ageing, specific invoices (or group of invoices), etc.  Electronic payments from banks or other third parties are supported as well.
  • Supports credit card payments and processing by integrating with 3rd party PCI compliant vendors.
  • Can be accessed via the web—even using your iPad or other mobile device.

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