Today’s dynamically changing circulation and distribution environment requires that you be able to adapt your strategies quickly. DISCUS®, from Neasi-Weber International, allows you to do just that, flexibly and securely.

DISCUS® has been used by the top publishers in the world to manage their circulation and distribution needs for the past 20 years and it is the only system that has kept pace with the evolving publishing industry, ensuring that your circulation and distribution needs are met now and into the future. 

DISCUS® functionality encompasses every aspect of the circulation management process, including:

  • Customer Information System (CIS) - to manage existing subscribers and non-subscribers
  • Distribution and Manifest (DST) - to increase efficiency in both home delivery and single copy sales
  • Carrier and Agent Billing/Payables (DCB) - to create vendor records for dealers, carriers, or corporate accounts as well as invoicing, accounting, accounts payable, and general ledger accounting

Browser-based user interface

DISCUS®’ browser-based User Interface gives users access to DISCUS® from anywhere with web access. It also provides real time drop down list updates for code changes. 

Web dispatch interface

DISCUS® allows access to dispatch functionality from any location with web access.  Now you can see the summary, detail, and route-on-alert information all on one page. 


Web address verification

DISCUS® verifies subscriber addresses; you can even use a Post Office integration to do so immediately.

Mobility solutions

DISCUS® has mobility solutions for starting subscriptions and accepting payments in real-time from anywhere with web access. This feature lets sales crews enter subscriptions and take payments in the field using tablet devices, ruggedized handhelds, or even smart phones, thus maximizing revenue and increasing efficiency.


PCI compliant credit card services

DISCUS® enables real-time credit card authorizations and charges and helps you become fully PCI compliant by completely eliminating any traces of the credit card number from the DISCUS environment.  DISCUS® retains PCI compliant token information that safe storage of credit card information for re-use.

Customer self service portals

DISCUS®’ customer self service portals enable potential customers to quickly and easily start and manage their own subscriptions from your website.


Integrated document management

DISCUS® gives users the ability to view pertinent documents (PDFs, word docs, text files, etc.) from within DISCUS® via hyperlinks.  It enables auto linking, which is the ability to automatically find and convert URLs (web addresses) to clickable links.   

Multi-Site Architecture

DISCUS® saves you money through commonality; DISCUS® offers a true consolidation solution by allowing corporations with multiple DISCUS® sites to use the same database and same DISCUS® application.  Customer call centers can easily access all supported sites from one interface where switching from one client to the next can be done with the click of a button and reports can be generated for all properties at the corporate level.

Electronic Edition

DISCUS® supports electronic and hybrid subscriptions for all of your interactive media—whether mobile app, mobile website, iPad, and more.  Thanks to DISCUS®, you can rest easy knowing your interactive media is accounted for.